Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Planning the rest of my life

So, no more corporate job for me. My boss, ex-boss now, told me that she hopes the kids will drive me crazy so I'll go back. Well, they have not driven me crazy yet, but I can tell that doing stuff with them is definitely more tiresome than sitting all day in front of the computer. I made Amy laugh last night at knit-night when I told her I was so tired because I haven't gone to work.

So, list of stuff to do?

- Clean the garage
- Work on the front yard
- Going to Ikea to buy a book shelf for Paperino's room
- Cooking, if I manage to remember how

List of important stuff to do?

Brown WIPs

- Write out the two three patterns that are in various phases of sketching, knitting, completed
- It's Neutrals, Black & White month, I have three projects in various shades of browns that need to be completed on my needles.
- Check out the August issue of MagKnits
- These
- X-mas presents, is it August already?

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