Thursday, July 27, 2006

Round and round


While I do appreciate the fact that when I am done I am done, no seaming or finishing whatsoever, could it be more boring? Round and round. And then round and round. Oh, look, armholes, I am going to count and then bind-off some, whooo!
And then? Round and round. I tell you, the challenge with a top down sweater is not falling asleep while I knit. Knit round and round.

Kids came home yesterday, happy, excited to be home, and with otitis externa. Someone was never told that "ear wax is good, leave it alone", so there. Other than that they are fine, and with more clothes than they can fit in their closets. No jet lag, we do not believe in it.

Life is back to normal. Except for the fact that tomorrow is my last day of work. See up there the ticker? Two to go.

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