Friday, August 18, 2006

It has its perks

SWTC Bamboo
Working in a yarn store has its advantages, and the biggest one, in HWME's book, is that I do not buy that much yarn anymore. Actually, I haven't told him that because, you know, I do not want him to get used to it, I do not buy yarn, period. Yep, look to your left, 467 balls of yarn, remember when I was close to 600? The causes of this strange desease are multiple:

1. I am not chained to a desk and a computer all day long, mostly bored, with the only diversion of going online and buying yarn
2. I am in a yarn store for 4 hours a day, yarn overload syndrome.
3. Actually, I am working on the database of the yarn store for almost 4 hours everyday. Worse yarn overload syndrome.
4. The yarn is there, always. I do not have to bring it home today, it will be there tomorrow too. And the day after. And the month after. For ten years at least.

So what about the bamboo? Well, the so-mentioned store has a sale for $3 per ball, and guess what? I am cured! Almost cured, I bought 7 balls, and I rang someone for 42 balls on Monday night.
BTW, sorry I made you click, but it is not an internet sale.

Curious Creek Fibers

5. Hollis keeps shoving yarn at me. And someone has to shove you with something, I highly reccomend yarm, it is soft and cushy. So I am not complaining, look what landed at my place last week, to join the party of yarn for three socks, one twin set, one sweater, and I am sure I am forgetting something, too lazy to check the bin where I store all of it.

So, you see, I won't be cured any time soon.

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