Sunday, August 20, 2006

Finishing Streak

I have been in a "I want this to be done and not see it again" mode all week, so there, I finished my Tivoli, and the Shining Star hat to boot:

Tivoli and Shining Star

Of course, I am yet to weave all the ends in and block Tivoli, but it's done, and it is for me, isn't that amazing?

Then I finished Paperino's HP scarf:

HP Scarf

Not only that, but I finalized the Sugar Maple Shawl pattern, and the pattern for Mantellina. I even found a model for the 2-years old version I knitted a while ago, my best friend and model's daughter - everybody is photogenic in that family.

So, high on that fact that I have knit something for me, I casted for Midwest Moonlight last night, with some Lion and Lamb that has been in my stash for a while:

Midwest Moonlight

and I swatched my Pakucho Organic Cotton

Pakucho Organic Cotton

I originally bought this to make the Suspension Cardigan and Tank, but I am afraid of making a top for me in 100% cotton. Even if the pattern calls for 100% cotton, I know it will sag. I think that what I need for that is some Lana Grossa New Cotton or Point. But it is August, so the Pakucho wanted to be swatched anyway. Cropped cardi maybe.

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