Thursday, July 13, 2006

Coming home

I came home to these:


Not one, not two, but three packages. Starting from the smallest, a yarn swap with Yarnsley from the Knitty Board:

Swap with Yarnsley

More blue yarn for my logcabin blanket (yes, Juls, you are right, I have been logcabinning!)

The small box was the hand-dyed sock yarn swap package from Sarah, with chocolate that I may get to eat for a change since the kids are in still in Italy:

Hand-dyed Sock Yarn Colorswap

Look how many lovely shades of blue, and it is self striping! Thank you, Sarah!

Then, the big box, from nobody else but Lynn herself, who was my Project Coloswap partner for June:

June Colorswap Package

Ok, a couple more photos are needed to show off everything properly:

June Colorswap Package

June Colorswap Package

The chocolate arrived ok (Lynn was worried) and I really love everything! I needed a new tape measure, and there it is, the cup and saucer are beautiful and I always need more tea. The ribbon and the buckle make me wish I could sew (I can't, I seriously can't), but they are so pretty I'll use them with my knitting. Thanks, Lynn!

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