Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Campioni del mondo

I started this post yesterday and it was pretty incoherent, it went like this:

"I am back. Tired more than jet lagged. I do not really believe in jet lag, I sleep when the sun is out and I am awake when the sun is up (several hours after the sun rises, I mean). But after a 24 hours trip (with a 6 hours stop in Detroit), I am tired. I do not sleep on the plane, I either read or knit. So I can tell you now that it take a San Francisco - Amsterdam flight to make one sock, from cuff to toe, just in case you were wondering. Or Rome - Amsterdam - Detroit (trip back, second sock). Photos? Yes, soon, when I am coherent enough to find the camera, the right card, the cable ...... I am surprised I made it this far with this post, in English too!
In Detroit we watched the game in a bar at the airport. It was extremely fun, not only because everybody in the bar was cheering for Italy but no idea of what was going on, and soccer is not that complicated of a game, and I am starting to think that the simplicity of it confuses people in this country, how can it be a sport if all you need is a ball, you run all the time (instead of "waiting for the ball to hit you in the head", Principessa's definition of baseball), and there are no break (again, you are supposed to run all the time, have you ever seen a soccer player with a beer belly?) so you can't up and get more junk food? Nobody eats while watching soccer, you are glued to the TV screen afraid to blink because everything can happen while you blink. It was extremely fun because of the commentary too, with the two guys who obviously knew less about soccer than the people in the bar. I loved when they say that the Italy defense "broke down" because France scored: it was a penalty kick, there is no defense in a penalty kick!"

Then I saved the draft and went to sleep - 10 hours straight, and it only happened because Principessa and Paperino are still in Italy with their grandparents. Yep, we are going to be childless for 17 days, 16 now.

Uhm, knitting, I did knit, check here all the projects I finished while knitting on the beach. Now I have to find the camera, and the other projects still on the needles. After 10 hours of sleep I am better, but still fuzzy.

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