Sunday, June 11, 2006

Soapy Swap

I swapped some yarn with Soapy and look what she sent me:

Soapy Swap

We agreed on the white merino handspun, but she added more yarn, and the most beautiful soaps. I really had to convince Principessa and Paperino that, no, they could not eat them, not a good idea.

I dyed the yarn with cedar and gold and here is the result:

Gold Cedar Handspun Merino

I really like it, I think it would make a really nice ...... I don't know, it is 25 yards (local wonky system measure, so it is more than likely that I am wrong). Suggestions?

ETA: Michelle kindly pointed out that I was way out on my yardage (of course, I said that it was more than likely that I was wrong), so let's ditch the local wonky system, I have 120 meters of supersoft Merino. I am thinking a hat.

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