Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Amazing Lace - breaking news

In an extremely surprising turn of events, one of the members of the Maglia team has announced its decision to leave the team. The Flower Basket Shawl stated, "I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of my team leader, so I am leaving!". We managed to get an exclusive interview.

So, tell us .....
Tell you? I'll show you, here, see it yourself!

The Amazing Lace

We see some lovely lace yarn ....
She did not even bother to wind all the yarn! That speaks at her level of commitment. She is not committed. She said she was going to start knitting me when the World Cup started, and that was Saturday, it is not Tuesday! I have waited enough! I have been waiting since Memorial Day!

Maybe she is not sure she'll need all the yarn .....
For someone who fancies herself as lace pattern writer, she can't even read a pattern and see that she'll need more than 3 skeins? All she thinks about is that Sugar Maple Shawl, she did not even win the competition, Janice did. But that does not stop her, she is planning to make another Sugar Maple in purple, because July is purple. She was busy taking photos of the shawl at FTA last night, she even forced one of the customer to model for her. She has such a cheek!

So, you were with her at knit night and you witnessed this.
Me with her at knit night? Please! I never made into her knitting bag. She is so disloyal, so uncommitted, an harlot! The Intarsia Flower told me, it is upset too, because after finishing the Fair Isle Hat, you know what she did? She started working on a summer scarf! It's unbelievable, the poor Intarsia Flower so hopeful, waiting for its turn.

She is knitting, then?
Of course she is, it's all she does. Look here, look what she is doing instead of fulfilling her obligation to me! Such an harlot, I am leaving her.

Has she ever offered some explanation for her behavior?
Explanations? Lame excuses, you mean. First she was saying she needed to finish The Very Berry T-shirt because she wants to publish it. Like anybody would be interested in a t-shirt! Then she is working on the Sixth Sense Socks because they are blue. Then she pokes in the FTA leftovers basket and comes home with yarn "that spoke to her". I talk to her all the time, I beg her all the time, she does not listen to me. Look here, another proof of her behavior:

Something Curious

She was working on this Sunday, a triangular handkerchief! It's not even lace, it's just dropped stitch. And then she is busy writing down what she has done, making a pdf. Seriously, does anybody ever even look at her patterns? What a waste of time!

So maybe she wants to knit you, but haven't ........
Please, she is doing everything she can to avoid me! Look, more evidence, she is sewing up NBaT rather than knit me! She hates sewing! She is working on the Stashbuster Shawl rather than knit me, and she hates boucle'! I had it, there is no coming back! I am leaving and the Mountain Stream Scarf can have her!

And that's lace, so she is still in the race?
I guess so, I don't care anymore! And you know what, something is funny here. The Mountain Stream Scarf is blue like the Sixth Sense Socks, and both of them were written by the same lady. Coincidence? I don't think so. But I am not planning to stick around to find out! I am out of here!

That's all for now, stay tuned for further developments.

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