Sunday, May 28, 2006

Those Mason-Dixon ladies

Those Mason-Dixon ladies are dangerous, really. I received their book on Monday and I already made two project out of it. They got me to knit a dishcloth, a dishcloth!

Ballband Dishcloth

They got me dreaming about cones of Sugar'n Cream, me, your usual yarn snob who scoffs at acrylic and does not set foot in craft stores. They made me go to JoAnn and come home with this:

One-Piece baby Kimono

Well, the baby kimono was still in two balls of Sugar'n Cream when we got home, but there, few hours later, all it needs is the seems and the ribbon. But I must knit more dishcloth! I looked at all the ballbands and found three more patterns, but did you know that instead of straining your eyes to read that fine print you can download them directly from the Sugar'n Cream website?

But back to the book, I need to make these for my downstairs bathroom:

Hand Towels

I believe this Euroflax


in my stash was waiting for those. And why have I been collecting Karabella Aurora 8?
It is clear to me now:

Joseph's Blankie of Many Colors

I am even considering making 4 of these for my daughter's bedroom:

Bubly curtain

Those ladies are dangerous and I am in trouble.

ETA: I joined the knit along.

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