Friday, February 10, 2006

Let's the games begin!

My knitting Olympics will start tonight, at 8 pm Pacific Time, while watching the opening ceremony. I know, according to the official rules, I could have started at 2 pm today, but I was in prison at work, so .....

Yesterday, at the very last minute, very Italian style, I trained swatched my yarn, and yes, we have a winner:

Knitting Olympcs 2006

I went down one needles size and I got gauge with Jo Sharp DK Wool Heather for Silana.
So, I am going to make and finish a sweater for me, even if I will only wear it in the frozen food sections at the local supermarket - there are 25C outside today.

And I stress "finish". Do you know what I did yesterday after I got gauge? Did I finish one of my many projects on the needles? No, sir. I started this:

Baby Raglan

And the other day, only because I was bored? I decided to crochet:


Interesting fact: crochet is faster, the head kerchief took me only 1/2 hour, ripping it 3 times because I had not idea what I was doing, and it takes more yarn. So, if I crochet, I am not at SABLE yet, right?

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