Thursday, January 19, 2006

Two strikes

Yesterday was one of those days I was feeling proud of myself for my planning-ahead skills and organization. Nothing like having kids to bring you back to reality.

All started Tuesday night, when I remembered to wash and block my mystery project #1. I was feeling really smug because I actually remember that. I have a tentative date this weekend with the friend who has agreed to model it and if I hadn't remembered to do it that night, it would not have been dried in time. Because we were only a couple of days away from the weekend, being the next day Thursday. Yes, Tuesday night I had the following thought: Tomorrow is the board meeting (that I know it meets on Wednesday. How do I know? Because when it meets on another, I show up on Wednesday anyway.), so since Paperino has hot lunch on Thursday, I don't have to pack him lunch tomorrow, Wednesday.
I do think I actually thought that. I need a remedial class in "reading the calendar". Or more sleep (being working late into the night all week). Or more espresso (HWME is away again).
Anyway, Wednesday morning I was feeling so good about myself. I had not packed any lunch (it was Thursday) and I was going to the Wednesday board meeting, so I took half day off. I dropped the kids to school, went to Starbucks, got and doppio espresso con panna, a morning roll, and I set by the window for about 40 minutes working on my Jaywalker sock.
A really nice way to start the day.
Then board meeting, work, pick up the kids.
A crisis was awaiting me, Paperino was very upset. Lunch? No, that was only a misdemeanors, the real crime is, I forgot to sign him up for Mad Science. Did I know that I needed to sign him up fro Mad Science? No. No, do not laugh, I am positive. I can't read a calendar, but I am positive about this.
But I am mom, so I am supposed to know he wanted to go to Mad Science, and he actually told the afterschool teacher he was signed up. The Mad Science teacher said, no, he is not on the list, and everybody turned and looked at me, the mom. Well, figure of speech, I was not there.
And I forgot to pack his lunch.

So there, two strikes in a day. Lucky for me, Principessa was in a good mood.

Foe dinner we went to a new KPC who was hosting a fund-raising for the local hospital. The guy at the cashier was told I forgot to pack his lunch. Our waiter was told I forgot to pack his lunch.
And there, now you know too.

I forgot to pack his lunch. And to sign him up for Mad Science.

EDITED TO ADD: I fixed the Jawalker link and I got Paperino into Mad Science - they usually do not take late sign-ups, but I begged ......