Sunday, January 08, 2006

I am back

I am back to my cable modem, and looking at the amount of stuff I need to do, read, and get caught with it feels like I have been gone for a year, not two weeks.

So, knitting. As I said, I have been knitting. Believe me, when you are trapped in a small apartment in the mountains with your in-laws and very bad weather outside, knitting does save your life. How did I do for Naked Stix by 2006? Not so bad, even if I managed not to finish the one cardi that was for me. But I did make two items for me, Blush on the flight to Italy:


and these halfmittens on the way back, to start 2006 right, that is with something for me:

Mystery Kit #4

On the subject of not knitting for myself, all my knitted gifts were very well received, and everybody asked for more.
Note to myself: do not knit for people who do appreciate hand made gifts, they ask for more.

I did not take picture of everything, but here is my sister wearing the scarf I made for her:

Garter Stitch Scarf

my nephew with his pullover:

Striped Pullover

and my niece with her poncho:

Pink Poncho

I did not go yarn shopping as I had planned (I bought one pair of boots, two pairs of shoes, three pants, and more tops I am going to say), but my mother in law bought me this:


I am really looking forward to try it, it looks very similar to Karabella Aurora 8, but it it much cheaper, well, at least in Italy.

Click on the photos for more details.