Saturday, December 17, 2005

One week to Christmas

Today: working on the Escher Bag (one side done) and First Cables Sweater (finish the back tonight).

Tomorrow: I am going to finish the Escher Bag, will do the other side tomorrow, and then I'll beg Hollis to please put it together. Do sleeves of First Cables Sweater. Finish the making of the Striped Pullover.

Monday: Finish Ruffles.

Tuesday: Make a Garter Stitch Scarf for dad.

Wednesday: Make a Garter Stitch Scarf for brother-in-law.

Thursday: flying to Italy, make second Branching Out Wristwarmers, finish the Pink Poncho and the second Little Cables Sock, make Wristwarmer with Shinano. No sleeping during the flight.

In the category "I can cheat because I won't see you until after x-mas" are the mittens to go with the cashmerino superbulky garter scarf (photos tomorrow, I promise).

Then the projects I am bringing with me:
- the wrong pattern;
- Jo Sharp DK Wool Heather to make Silana;
- Knitting Pure Simple Children's Poncho with Handpainted Merino Wool;
- some Karabella Aurora 8;
- Lambwool for another First Cable sweater;
- some sock yarn;
- Purple Stole.