Monday, December 05, 2005

New Knitty

The new Knitty is out, and it is a big issue, more than 20 patterns, and I don't know you, I am always disappointed in big issue. It looks to me, the bigger the issue, the slim the change I like something. Maybe because with large issue there are few good patterns and a lot of filler?

Anyway, Cookie's sock is what makes the issue. I remember her knitting it, and admiring the lace pattern.

Knecklace is brilliant, but only looking at it makes me want to scratch my neck - the joy of having a ubbersensitive skin! Well, needing only 30 yds of yarn, I could go to the deep end and use cashmere or silk. Or maybe cotton, I have some Blue Sky Alpaca coming.

What else do I like? Few things, Tempting II tempts me, while Tempting I did not, but I have nothing for it in my stash and approaching 600 balls I am not going to buy anything just yet. Thuja is the perfect solution for when I'll be late too for a gift to my dad, Danica is a good lesson in entrelac, and no, I am not going around with a sock on my head any time soon.

EDITED TO ADD: I have the yarn for Tempting II in my stash, this, but it was meant to be something for Principessa, and I doubt she'll give it up.