Sunday, December 04, 2005


This weekend was my birthday and the celebration started on Friday, when I received a wonderful package from my Knitty Holiday SP:

The bag was full with goodies and gifts for the kids (and chocolate that was claimed by HWME) - move your mouse on the picture to see them diving in the box. After inspecting the box, they said this was for me:

Mountain Colors Twizzle

Isn't the most gorgeous red?


Then yesterday, we went to Full Thread Ahead, so I could pick up yarn as a present from HWME, and this is my loot:

Cherry Tree Hill Supersock

Nature's Palette

As you see, it was a purple day!

Principessa bought this to make me a scarf:

SWTC Pagoda

The scarf is going to be my next year birthday present, she says that buying the yarn was this year present, making the scarf is for next year.