Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Two new knit-alongs

I joined two more knit-alongs:



We are still deciding which pattern to knit first at the Sexy Knitters Club, while Knit Unto Others is a 2 week knit along for the charity of our choice (November 16th-30th, 2005).
Joining got me motivated to do the making of this, put it in a box, forget to take a photo before sealing the box, and ship it to the Children's Village. This hat is going to Anne.

On other knitting news, I have been working on my MagKnit submission (and I am very proud of myself for not mentioning it every day several times a day, well, at least not here, home is another story) and it is done. Kind of, I saw some very cute buttons at Full Thread Ahead last night and I think I'll trade ties for buttons. Need to get Pricipessa's approval first, she is very opinionated about what she will or will not model. So, Thursday morning, while the turkey is in the oven, I'll shoot the photos in the back yarn. Is it not going to rain, right?
The other pressing project are the socks for my mom, one is done, I finished the toe of the second one last night, they are due on Friday, I am golden.