Tuesday, November 08, 2005


One of my pattern has been accepted for the December issue of MagKnits - I am so excited I can hardly sit still, or work (shhh, don't say that).
I need to knit up the thing in 10 days, but who cares? I am happy.

Even if I'll have to leave my scarf alone for a while, but let me tell you, if you happen to see some Schaefer "Helene" at your LYS - I got mine at Full Thread Ahead - just buy it. Do not pay any attention to the price, don't listen to that voice that says, "you do not need it", just get it, you won't regret it.
I can't show you what I am doing with it because I made up the pattern for the scarf - and that reminds me, I frogged the damn thing ten times until I got the stitch to look exactly I wanted it and the yarn look like it was not even wound, this stuff is magic - and so I have plans for it. But I love it so much.

But I love being published even more.

EDITED TO ADD: Can this day get any better? My SP6 sent me some beautiful flowers. I am going with the theory she is psychic and knew about the pattern being accepted. I'll try and remember to bring my camera to the office tomorrow so I'll take a photo of the flowers - I get all my packages delivered to work, and that's just perfect because it is where I spent my day. Now with beautiful flowers to cheer me up!