Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What, is it not Monday?

Holidays confuse me, but it is Tuesday:

The August project is done, need to cast for the Buttonhole bag.

Remember when I posted this? I was at Michael's on Sunday to use my 50% off coupon, and I picked up some Wool-ease in green - quickie bay sweater, here I come.

Another Quickie Baby Sweater in pink done.

Summer Knit-Along
12 summer projects done (SnB Little Top, Knee High Socks, Striped Toe-up Socks, Fragola, baby tank top, Matilde, Kidlet Tank, Haiku, Soleil, Quickie Baby Sweater, another one, and OSW) and 2 on the needles (NBaT and Hopeful).

One more Quickie Baby Sweater.

The scale did say 2.5 lb less this morning.

I did work on it last night!

I re-casted for a third time, but now it is finally going!

OSW done!

I hauled a bunch of packages to the post office last week, only to discover later I have forgotten 3 at home. I sent a box of squares to LoveAfghans4PRR, and extra yarn, only to remember that I have a box for the Children's Village, Inc. still sitting in my garage. But I am very happy I sent my squares, and I am done for this year. I really can't stand working with acrylic, after a while my hands hurt and I need to use tons of lotion. I posted Soleil to my friend and I remembered that I have a package for my niece as well. Then, I had SP business to attend. I mailed my first box to the person I am spoiling for the Felted SP, but I realized that I missed one very important piece of my package for my Knitty SP5 spoilee, so that is still sitting in my office.