Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who does not like a quickie?

I do, not one, but two:

Quickie Baby Sweater

I knitted this in a day. That is, I started in the morning, had my usual Saturday of running around with the kids, fixing breakfast, lunch and dinner, doing laundry and such, still it was done last night. I used about two balls of Sugar'n Cream.

Oh, and I finished this:


And this as well:


So I can state that I do not like mercerized cotton and I am not going to use it ever again, that is until I see a pretty color that makes me forget. Please remind me. On the other hand, $1.99/ball Sugar'n Cream, who would have said it is so nice?
When I told my husband he shot me a very worried look, like that time he thought I said I was going to Target to buy shoes.
So now I am wondering, have I been missing out on a bunch of stuff only because I did not even consider them? Never set foot in a Taco Bell, never used Lion Brand Wool-ease.
Well, maybe I'll give Lion Brand a shot - Taco Bell? I think I'll keep the way it is.