Saturday, September 24, 2005

I hope not

I do hope that the gift I am making for my co-worker whose wife is having a baby soon is not becoming another of those La Boheme-like cursed project. As I said before, I frogged the Frog Hat and Socks I was making because hideous, and I decided for this sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I decided not to use the green superwash wool I bought for the hideous hat because it's dark green and I wanted something more baby-like, but at the same I was determined to "shop my stash". So I notice this - the photo is deceiving, I actually have 26 ball of the Sunshine Kissed colorway. Why on earth I have so much Sugar'n Cream? Because I wanted to make eight of this:


Yes, go ahead, laugh. Me, making eight boring to death tablemats? On my defense, you need to remember I was coming out of six weeks in-laws visit. And I survived.
So I said, "Ah, ah, I'll use the cotton to make the baby sweater, it almost has gauge". Of course I did not swatch, nor checked the measurement of the pattern. Needed 21 sts/4", after 6 inches I decided to check because the sweater seems a little bit big, I am getting 18 sts/4", and that gives me 22" chest instead of 18.5". Size 1-2 years instead of 0-6 months.
1-2 years? Look at this:

Child's Placket-Neck Pullover

Paperino is 5 years old - I go to kindergarten! He would add.
Good news is, he really likes it, so I am finishing for him. But back to square one for this baby who is due any day now.
I am thinking this, with the same cotton, the gauge is right, the measurements completely out of quack: 22" chest is the size for a 6-9 months old baby and we have just established that a 5 years old, albeit a skinny one, wears that.
Maybe a blanket?