Saturday, September 10, 2005

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As soon as Knitty was up, I casted for Bloom. This is the first half the shawl and it took me just one evening:


It is such a clever pattern, and so easy, you just go and go and it is done. Principessa loves it, so I don't think I'll get to wear it much. I am using HPY bulky wool, so the results is not as nice as I had used Noro Silk Garden, but this is what I had in my stash that would work. You don't think I would go out and buy more yarn, don't you? Have you seen the size of my stash? People keep sending me yarn! Sometimes because I give them my cc number, sometimes just because. And speaking of gifts, look what my Felted SP sent me:

FeltedSP gifts

She picked done skein of each of my favorite colors, two of them Lamb's Pride no less, that I have never knitted. And stitch markers she made just for me!