Friday, September 09, 2005

Are you proud to work for ..... ?

That is a question I have being asked quarterly, "Are you proud to be working for _name of my company_ ?".
We have a quarterly employee satisfaction survey and that is the question I do not get. I was told is a cultural thing, that Americans think that what they do for a living is what they are. Once someone told me about being at a dinner party in Italy, and nobody was talking about their jobs, and nobody was offering info about their profession, and or showed any interest when he tried to talk about it. Well, it was a dinner party right? Why people would want to talk about work? And the reply was, because my work defines who I am. Well, not in Europe, it does not.

Anyway, my company is matching dollar to dollar employees' donation to the Red Cross Katrina Relief Fund AND the head of my division has offered to match donations from our division plus company match up to $100,000 for donation - that means that my donation has been quadrupled as I type.

Note to myself: next time, make upper management happy and answer yes to the silly question.
Go read Mrs. Pilkington's Outrage and Action, And Some Good News.

Where to send donations:

University Presbyterian Church
3240 Dalrymple Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70803.
The University Presbyterian Church located by Louisiana State University Campus, in need of all baby items and clothing. Contact Peggy at the church: (225) 383-0345.

First Baptist Church
ATTN: Pastor Fred Malone12329 Jackson Street
P.O. Box 552
Clinton, LA 70722
They are in need of toiletries especially toothbrushes, toothpast, soap, washclothes, shaving gear, hair brushes, feminine napkins and diapers--but much more. Also they can use some food items like granola and protein bars, crackers and peanut butter (non-perishables that are easy to pass out).