Thursday, August 04, 2005

Principessa gets, Principessa wants

Here it is, the Kidlet Tank:

Kidlet Tank

Pattern by Amy A. "Boogie" King
Yarn: Bernat Cottontots, I used 1/2 ball of solid and 1 and half balls of variagated.

So Principessa looked at the leftover yarn and asked "How much is that?".
About a ball, I replied.
"Oh, you know what would look nice on this? One of those one skein thing".

So, here I go, a OSW for Principessa.

Oh, and I got the hemp I ordered a looooong time ago throught a yarn coop - since I paid several billing cycles ago it feels like getting free yarn. No idea what I was planning to do with it though. I have hemp/cotton in natural and hemp/wool in sage green (that is actually blue) and chile red, 1,250 yards of each, worsted weight. I'll probably make a sweater for Paperino with the blue and this cardi that has been on my "to do" list forever with the red. So, what to do with the Oasis I got from Full Thread Ahead? I need something special.

Wendy made the Corset Top by Annie Modesitt, and Elspeth is making one as well, but I am not sold yet. So I bought not one, but two patterns from White Lies Designs:

Milinda Helene

Last night I tried to start Soleil but I can't count to 180 and when I can, I have trouble with 3's. I'll try again.

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