Sunday, July 10, 2005

What I did not knit in Hawaii

While in Hawaii, I did not work on my A-line jacket because I forgot it, I did not start Soleil because I found out I do not have the needles for it, same for the Kidlet Tank, and I packet the wrong needles for Matilde - the top I am designing for my niece, but I did write out the whole pattern.

So, what did I knit?

I finished the baby cardigan set:

Baby Set

and since I had so much fun knitting those little socks and I have leftover yarn, I have decided to keep knitting those for the new mom at Camp Pendleton:

Baby Socks

I finished the chemo hat for the Relay for Life:

Blue Hat

And I started the hat for my brother:

Red Hat

You all probably already knew this, but socks are perfect for airplane rides - here is my first Sockapal2za sock:

Happy Sox

I really love this pattern, here is a detail of the cuff:

Happy Sox details

So, I did knit in Hawaii, just not what I have planned!

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