Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I joined the dark side

Last night I want to the Peninsula Knitters meeting and there was a new girl, college students. We met her at the Relay for Life and she is knitting this huge green afghan that she'll donate to Afghans for Afghans.
Toward the end of the evening, she said that she was walking back to the dorm.
A weird voice that I have heard before start screaming in my head "Girl, are you crazy? You are going to walk 30 minutes in the dark, on Palm Drive and then on Campus Drive?”
But I managed to say in my nice-let's-not-scare-her cool voice: "I need to drive through the campus to go home, so I can give you a ride".
She promptly accepted, lucky for her otherwise I would have dragged to the car, safely buckled her in the back seat and then proceeded to lecture her all the way home. But since she was reasonable, we just walked to the car, she rode in the front seat and I safely delivered her to the dorm.
While I was driving to my place, a sudden realization came to me.
It has happened, and there is not way back. I joined the dark side. I am a mom.


  1. Hi Lu! I'm happy to have upgraded my account so that I can actually respond to people in a timely manner now. :) I probably didn't phrase my post quite well -- I think what surprised me after doing the google search was that there was a general negative reaction to the sweater, and I read it all after I'd completed those 3 pieces ... so then I questioned whether I should make it or not -- isn't it crazy the power that one lets oneself be influenced by? Anyhow, I definitely think that reviews are worthwhile, and one's blog is one's own blog ... so no offense to your ugh taken!. I have to say that when I saw your Ugh, I thought, Wow, even Lu didn't like it. :) Take care!

  2. ooh another stanfordite! One of these days I will make it to one of the penninsula knitters meetings I swear!

    lol. about the driving her home. I probably would have been the same way :)


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