Thursday, June 30, 2005

Planning for a trip

Next week we are going to Hawaii, so planning needs to be done. I need projects to bring with me, cotton and such, and small things for the flights.
And now that I am done with Paperino's list, I need to face all the projects I have neglected and need to be done. So, yes, again, a list:
  • Baby cardigan set: I am going to miss the baby shower, so that gives me the option of having my gift ready when I am back; I am so sneaky, am I? I worked on the hat last night, the ribbing is done, so I could finish it tonight, whip out the baby sock instead of sleeping (who needs sleep anyway) and leave it with a friend so it could be delivered on time. Nay, not going to happen.
  • Happy Sox: I have plenty of time for this, Sockapal2za is not due until September, but I am going to bring them with me to Hawaii, perfect flight project.
  • Baby Tank Top for baby M: my brother is coming to visit the second week of July, with wife and baby, so I am going to make her top with Sonata, either blue or pink; this is on the urgent list.
  • Hat for my brother: it is his birthday the week he is here, hat with Optimum, urgent.
  • Toddler Tank Top for my nephew in San Diego: after being here for a week, my brother and family are going to San Diego to visit my other brother and family, that would be a good time to send my nephew the tank top a promise him and I haven't started yet: urgent.
  • And I could send my sister-in-law the Pheobe with Alpaca Silk I promised her to make after the Triada disaster: urgent.
  • Then my brother and family are going back to Italy, so they could bring my friend her Soleil: urgent.
  • A-Line Jacket: really would like to finish this, it was supposed to be a May project!
  • Three more baby showers in my office: I'll think about it when I am back.
  • Kidlet Tank for Principessa: it has been too long since I made something for her,
  • Last night I casted for Haiku with this cotton: if I finish it by Sunday, it is going to be a birthday present for a party we are invited, otherwise for another niece who is coming to visit late in July.

So again, what I am going to bring to Hawaii? Socks and and hats for the flight (yes, hats because I am yet to finish this one), A-line Jacket, Soleil, Baby and Toddler Tank Top, Kidlet tank. Enough? Not going to bring Phoebe, knitting alpaca on the beach is not my idea of fun!

I just realized that I missed "Tuesday is for knit-alongs" this week, I'll do it later. I am sure that I'll remember more projects I am neglecting.

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