Thursday, June 02, 2005

It happened to me too

I read tales on other people's blog about finding yarn in their stash they have forgotten about. I always thought that either I have not such a big stash or I am good with my documentation. In fact I have taken pics of my stash.
Well, think again.
I am making a tank top from Debbie Bliss' The Baby Knits Book, with some leftover from this project. It is for one of my new nieces, whom I am going to meet for the first time in few weeks. She has an older brother and I would like to make a tank top for him too, in blue cotton. Finding nice cotton in a nice boy color is not easy, and I even discuss the matter with HoJo who offered to order what I needed from her new store.
See this yarn here? Would you think that I have one ball of Pima Tencel in white and one ball of Pima Melage in blue? Well, I thought so too before diving in my cherry chest to find out that I have two balls of Pima Tencel in white and three balls of Pima Melage in blue. So the white is becoming Pistachio as I type and the blue is going to be a tank top.
Love diving into stash!
But what I love even more is to receive yarn, and look what I got today from the wonderful Kirsten:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock

Lorna's Laces already winded up in two balls and ready to go, with needles and book of patterns!

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  1. I'll still look for some boy colors. After all I signed a 10 year lease :}. Did you see the karoake heart handle blog on Jonelles' blog?

    I've already emailed to her about how much Princess costs-a-lotta and I need this. I think your principessa needs one too!


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