Friday, June 03, 2005

End of the school year a.k.a shoot me now

Wednesday: 8 a.m. drive across town to drop Paperino to school (that is few blocks away from my office), then drive back to Principessa's school (that is near home) to attend a 9 to 10:30 Foundation meeting, stay for the dance festival, go back to the office, work until 5, then go back to Principessa's school to pick her up and drive back to Paperino's school to attend a 5:30-6:30 meeting of the parents' committee (my last one, Paperino is graduating from pre-school), then drive back home, drop off the kids, set my husband straight:

Him: I thought you told me to be here at 6:30 so we could have dinner together
Me: No, I told you to be here at 6:30 because I have a Foundation meeting at 7.

So did I knit some on Wednesday? Well, of course when I came back from the meeting, but it was really "some".

Thursday: Drop Paperino to school, go to work, work, drive back to Principessa's school for the knitting club (and I am not complaining because it is the only time I knitted some), drive back to work, work, get Paperino, get Principessa, drive home, dinner for the kids, drive to Principessa's school for the open house, back home, work all evening for the Foundation end of the year report. No knitting. No comment.

Today: Drop Paperino to school, go to work, work, run errands at lunch time, including mailing out 4 balls of yarn, i.e. 2 points, and giving out yarn is the only way I am reducing my yarn debt (What? 91.5? Don't ask, please!), work, get Paperino, drive to Principessa's school where there is Parents Night Out at the after school. I'll be in heaven, kids there until 10, husband out with the boys, I'll knit like there is no tomorrow.

Email from husband: I cancelled the night out with the boys, so we can go out together.

What? What kind of a husband chooses his wife over his buddies? What's wrong with him? It must be love.

Maybe I can convince him to have take-out and a movie at home, so I can knit.

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