Monday, June 20, 2005

I am back

Boy, after a vacation with the kids, I need a vacation to recover!

Anyway, I was safe in the office today, after dropping Principessa to the first day of camp and Paperino to school. What have I knitted this weekend? Beside the Triada fiasco, we have a hat:

Cascade 220 Hat

I used half of the Cascade 220 leftover from Principessa's poncho, so that's worth 1.50 balls, I'll say. And I have used one ball of Peruvian Highland Collection Pure Alpaca for my Diagonal Lace Scarf, so my stash total is now 375.5, only 125.5 to go.

And I got THE BOX today: I am going to put more balls than I plan to take out - nothing screamed "take me, take me!", so it is going to be not so painful. Should I say what I am going to put in or is it supposed to be a surprise? Well, let's say I am going to add 10 balls of 100% cotton and a ball of striped sock yarn as starters ( if you are participating and want to be surprised do not look here to try and guess) and then I'll add more if I actually take something out. That's another 11 balls down for me!

New total: 364.5

I think my problem with Triada is the yarn, maybe I should get La Boheme (I just gave away 11 balls of yarn, haven't I?), since it worked so well for Jenifer and SandyB. I am really freak out by my first case of yarn substitution that did not work.

In the meantime, my sister-in-law, who was going to be the recipient of Triada, saw my Phoebe and asked if I could make her that, since I am going to frog Triada anyway. Well, I just love her more for that, since I know that the Alpaca Silk is going to work for Phoebe.

p.s. of course the hat is for Paperino's list!

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