Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Box and stash update

Ok, of course I found some yarn I liked so I took it, BUT I took 3 balls and I put in 18. I took this:


since I want to make hats for Afghans for Afghans and I read they really like green, and this:

Plymouth Outback Mohair

just because it is beautiful.

I put in 1 ball of Four Season Hot Socks (a yarn box with no sock yarn in it? What on earth?), 10 balls of Oren Bayan Gulperle - 100% cotton, 1 hank of KnitPicks Color Your Own Kool-aid dyed, 3 balls of multicolor cotton yarn, 2 balls of Plassard yarn, 1 ball of Colorado Yarns.

New total: 358.5!

I am trying to figure out how many projects I need to make to arrive to the magical 250 number. So, all the projects on the needles but the various blankets/afghans are 23 balls - new total: 335.5

The remaining of Paperino's list, 7 more balls - new total: 328.5

baby cardigan set and 2 Soleils: 15 more balls - new total: 313.5

3 tank tops: 8 balls - new total: 305.5

Phoebe: 3 balls - new total: 302.5

poncho for my niece: 2 balls - new total: 300.5

shawl: 5 balls - new total: 295.5

classic cardi and pullover corset: 10 balls - new total: 285.5

Anouk: 7 balls - new total: 278.5

Ruffles: 3 balls - new total: 275.5

Nantasket Basket: 2 balls - new total: 273.5

Spring Fling: 8 balls - new total: 265.5

Misty Garden: 1 ball - new total: 264.5

Simple Ribbed Colinette Scarf: 2 balls - new total: 262.5

Go everywhere with everything cardi: 12 balls - new total: 250.5

Ok, is it hopeless?

Have you seen this? Now I don't know if I want to make Soleil or Tivoli with the Cathay my lovely SP sent me!

And what about this? The Koigu that Stacey sent me is screaming: "I want to be Alison's ankle socks".

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