Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fragole con panna

Fragola is done and sewn up:


and my stash just went up one ball. No, I did not buy anything, but I have this leftover from the cardi that wasn't included in the total:

Lana Grossa Toccata

Oh, well, 362.

Few days ago I finished Pistachio as well, that had been renamed Panna:


If you ever need to knit a gazillion scarves in few week, this is a pattern I recommend - it's super easy, fun and you get a great result just alternating needle sizes.


  1. The sweater looks very cute. My princess costs-a-lotta wants to know when she and principessa can have a play date, so bring your calendar tomorrow night - and the sweater so we can oooh and aaahh in person!

  2. Cute cute cardi!! I think you can just count the ball as 1/2 a ball. Have a great Sunday!


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