Monday, May 30, 2005

You got to be kidding me!

More ponchos? I am talking about IK Fall 2005.

Anyway, here is my review of the projects:

Brioche Helmet Hat: I think it is adorable and if I am to do a brioche stitch, I rather do a hat than a Bulky Brioche Raglan that is going to make me look like a brioche.
Cable Cascade Pullover: I don't do turtleneck.
Rib and Cable Socks: I haven't seen a pair of socks I don't like yet, my problem is to find the appropriate yarn in cotton, since wool and my feet do not agree.
Cabled Shrug: would it kill them to take a photo that actually show the garment? As far as I can tell, it's a blanket.
Canteen Bag: I don't do bags, bags are Fendi, and Prada and so forth. Unless they are knitting bags.
Chenille Cutaway Jacket: chenille? No, Thanks.
Drop Stitch Cardigan: this has potential. Can someone see the drop stitch? I love dropped stitches.
Felted Floral Collar: I don't think so.
Weekend Getaway Satchel: shouting flowers? Not for me.
Greek Pullover: tie the model's hair, please!
Braided Blues: we survived the curse of the love sweater, I am not tempting fate again. But I do like this. Daddy?
Union Square Market Sweater: I love it, Kate Gilbert is one of my favorite designer.
Veste Everest: Don't wear vests.
Blissful Jacket: Ugh?
Fair Isle Hoodie and Cardigan: I actually do not like Fair Isle, I can do it, I don't think it's hard, I just do not like it.
Vintage-Inspired Jacket: vintage like Channel inspired? Don't like Channel, call me nuts.
Textured Coat: Even with all the twisting and absolutely unnatural pose, you can see that it won't flatter anybody.
Essential Indulgence: what's with all the bulging?
Suede Vest: don't wear ugly vests.
Fair Isle Skirt: see above re Fair Isle.
Fur-Trimmed Wrap: what's with the "I have an headache" pose?
Staff Project Ponchos: again, you got to be kidding me! But Principessa wants a better photo of the child poncho.
Floral Fair-Isle Gloves: again, see above re Fair Isle.
Flower Pillows: not into flowers.
A Pair of Socks: what can I say? I love socks.

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