Monday, May 23, 2005

Two days, 3 skeins scarf

Here it is, the first of the long list of scarves and hats I need to make for Paperino:

Mom's Sophisticated Scarf

Mom's Sophisticated Scarf.
Pattern by Nicholas Caratzas from SnB Nation.
Yarn: Wool of the Andes in Spruce - 3 skeins.

I thought this could the perfect present for the only male teacher in the school. But Paperino looked at it and said: "That's a girl scarf!", so it got re-assigned. Well, after all, it is called "Mom's Sophisticated Scarf" .
We made a list of all the scarves and hats I need to make. My idea was to make a present for each one of his teachers, but the little tyrann thinks that all the teacher in his school should have a present, "because they'll miss me so much". Luckily for me, it's a small pre-school, so I need to make only 8 scarves and 2 hats by the end of June. Seven scarves now.
And Paperino is very opinionated about who has to get what and in which color, so we'll see if I can get everything done from stash.
Principessa, on the other hand, is very much more accommodating, she just want a scarf, my choice of yarn and style, for Mrs D., since she already made a scarf and a hat for Mrs C.'s new baby.

So, yarn points, I used 3 skeins, 1.5 yarn points, I had a debt of 55 points, now 53.5 .....

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