Friday, April 29, 2005

Never mind

Never mind, it's just not me. What, would you ask? Spinning, and any kind of crafty activities. I don't know what got into me when I watched the Knitty Gritty episode about spinning and thought I could do it. And for what reason, then? My motto has always been "why do it if I can pay someone else to do it for me?". Really, I am not crafty, I suck at everything that involve manual labor. And why should I want to make yarn when I can just go here or here and whip out my credit card. Whatever I do, it will never be as good as this.
I think I'll stick to knitting and dying wool with Kool-aid from now on - my husband is worried enough and Principessa is scaring him with tales of sheep in the backyard.
But I'll finish spinning the roving I bought - I bought the set, I am stubborn, I'll do it and I'll have the most uneven spun yarn that ever walked on earth. Why not? One of a kind.

And speaking of knitting, I have been knitting even if I have not being finishing anything since Sunday - with 7 projects going it's difficult to focus on just one and get it done, even if 37 are waiting. Never said I am sane.

But I hope I'll finish Nothin' But A T-shit by this weekend: I am at the armholes shaping of the front, even if I need to frog and re-knit the shoulder shaping of the back. I have decided I want live stitches so that I can kitchener stitch the front with the back.

Another project I really want to finish is the Wavy Boxes Baby Blanket I am making for Children's Village. I am really bored with the blanket (need to choose a more challenging pattern next time), I do not like working with acrylic yarn and I have a box of supplies I am waiting to send as soon as the blank is done and I can add it to the box.

Last item, go read Cara's account of the Harlot takes Manhattan - why? I quote:

"We had a knitting demonstration by her (WOW - who knew you could knit with a needle stuck under your armpit! And how fast!)"

The Harlot knits like me!

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