Thursday, April 14, 2005

Knitting club

Today I went to Principessa's school knitting club. She has been asking me to come for a while, but even if I had blocked the time off my calendar, someone always managed to schedule a "very important" meeting Thursday at lunch - picture myself rolling my eyes at the concept that something can be more important than knitting.

None of the girls wanted my help, after all it was my first time there: would I let a stranger touch my knitting? I don't think so. I notice one thing: all the girls were knitting scarves with short and thick needles, but Principessa is knitting a hat with Addis Turbos. Well, what can I say? I raised her well.

This is Paperino's colorway all winded up - isn't it cute?

Paperino's skein

It is going to be a baby hat. I bought The Knitter' Handy Book of Patterns and I love it - basic pattern in every gauge, even fingering.

But I kept the best for last - look at all the goodies my KR SP sent me:

KR SP gifts

I really love the needles - they are looooong, like I like them, and in beautiful colors.

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