Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Dreaming of SP4

I had terrible dream last night, I dreamt of yarn unraveling and tangling in a big mess, but the worst of it was that some Koigu was being tangles with cheap acrylic yarn. Wait a minute, I do not have any Koigu in my stash. Until today. Look what my wonderful SP4 sent me:


I could not believe my eyes when I saw it. She wrote that the Koigu was calling my name, I believe it was shouting last night and got into my dream. She was so nice to include a pattern for a project I can make with it.
And look at the other goodies she sent me - a book (yes, I love Pride and Prejudice and I did not have it) , cuticle bar (already in my knitting bag), a very cool clip and the nicest card.


But, who are you?

On my knitting news, I finished the iPod sock:


and my friend liked it a lot!

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