Monday, April 25, 2005

It's done

Since I couldn't decided if I wanted to start the pink cardi or the layette, and that means that I really wanted to cast for both of them, I told myself that I did not have to decide if I finished just one more thing, so here it is:

Orange Scarf

Yarn: Fizz by Crystal Palace Yarn and Scarabeo by Gerifil Yarns.

Another project off the needles.

With her last package, my Knitty SP sent me two photos of her blanket she made for PRR:

Knitty SP blanket

Knitty SP blanket

She wrote that I inspired her to knit for charity - isn't the nicest thing someone can say and do? And I am slightly embarrassed by her generosity because I have been slacking in my charity knitting lately. I think that the problem is that I choose easy projects and then I get bored with them. But tonight, no excuse, I am making a square!

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