Monday, April 25, 2005

Daddy can't knit!

And he is the only one who can't. That is the household mantra since yesterday, when Paperino decided that I wanted to learn how to knit. So I gave him a pair a tiny needles US 6 - no idea where they came from - he picked out some while yarn from my squeaky box and merrily announced that Baby Beluga needs a blanket.

So I casted 30 stitches and we started. He has knitted two rows so far and his knitting bag never leaves his side. This morning, when I suggested that he could leave it home pointing out that he can't knit at school, he looked at me in the eyes and asked: "Can you knit at work?" and then his glare shifted at my knitting bag that never leaves my side and comes to the office with me, even if I never have time to knit at work.

Well, what could I say? The knitting bag went to school and was tucked away in his cubby.

On more knitting news, Principessa is mastering double pointed needles to finished the hat she is knitting.

And daddy still can't knit.

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