Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Wonderful Deb

Wonderful Deb sent me a package today!

It's a just-for-me kit, yarn, pattern and needles. How does she know I love kits, they are so neat! I had to leave it in the car (I got my mail at lunch time) because if I had brought with me in my cube, I would have casted on under my desk.

Here it is - sorry about the bad lighting ....

Deb's gifts

Thank you so much, Deb!

And after getting my mail, I very happily headed toward my LYS, where I wanted to pick up a copy of IK Spring. I do have a subscription, but I just started it so I am not sure if I'll get the Spring issue and I really want to make Phoebe, so I thought - what the heck, I'll buy it, if I get a second copy, I'll sent it to someone. My LYS does not carry IK, but ..... they still have Noro Shinano, even if it's being discontinued. And they had two last balls of #8. They had because now I have them.


I'll probably make my Sciarpetta a little longer. I do not think I can thank my wonderful SP enough for having introduced me to this wonderful yarn.

While at the store, I saw the Noro Lily and I got excited again at the idea that my package from Knitty Noddy was coming soon, and guess what? It arrived today!


The light made a bad number on these colors - hop over to Knitty Noddy to see a much better picture.

And to make this glorious day even better, my order from Knit Picks arrived. Cannot show all of it because some items are for my secret pals, but I can say that I got some Shimmer:

Knit Pick Shimmer

In the mist of all this buying and receiving, I am knitting some so here it is, a FO:

Cashmerino Hat

My Cashmerino hat to go with the Childhood I made for my friend's child. I still have leftover yarn so after I am done with the light blue hat, I am going to make socks too.

Back to IK and Phoebe, the required gauge is 13.5/4" on US #10.5, but the suggested yarn has a gauge of 17-18/4" on US 8-9. The yarn I am thinking of using is Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca whose gauge is 20/4" on US 6 - so I'll have some swatching to do. But the gauge for Phoebe is after blocking and do I hate that!
Like Susan I like to live dangerously and don't swatch. So I am mulling over the issue. Should I try the Peruvian Collection Pure Alpaca on US 8? The difference between US 9 and US 10.5 is 1 cm, like between US 6 and US 8.


  1. You're very welcome! Glad you like it!

  2. I hope you like your Lily, Lu! I definitely want to see progress pics here with it!-)

    By the way, I carry Interweave Knits in my store! Next time you buy some yarn, you can pop that in your basket as well!-)

  3. Is that the Tropical Sunrise colorway from Knit Picks?? I just knit my Charlotte from that!

  4. No, it's called Stained Glass. My first lace yarn project :-)


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