Thursday, February 24, 2005

Again, I have the best SP


Knitty SP3 gifts

Let's start with the yarn, not only my SP is kind and generous and thoughtful, she know better than myself what I need. When Kaleidoscope yarns was having their "order and we will donate to the tsunami relief" campaign, I bought some Classic Elite Premier. My plan was to make Anouk with it, but I was not happy about the colors I chose. Well, look at this:

Classic Elite Yarns Premiere

Look at how the 10 (TEN) orange hanks she sent me go well with the colors I have chosen. The orange brings the whole enchiladas to a new level. I kid you not, my SP is a witch! A very good one.

The bag is made of Lion Brand Incredible Ribbon Yarn and it so sophisticate and beautiful. How does she know tat I have plenty of bags and purses but I do lack in the "small party purse" department? She sent me two, that she has made!

She knits for me .... I am a knitter, nobody I know knits for me. They ask me to knit for them. But my wonderful SP knits for me.

And then the book - I have been wanting that for so long. What can I say?

And on top of all this, the "L" shaped sticky notes, the "think blue" bracelets and the hearts bookmark that is just beautiful.

And the thoughtful card:


Again, I am speechless.

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  1. they're all lovely gifts! you have a very thoughtful SP. makes me wish i'd joined the latest Secret Pal.


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