Sunday, February 13, 2005

Me. Sock. Yeah.

Well, it was not that easy. It was more: Me. Sock. Inferno.

Never had so much trouble with a project as with my Sock-pal-ooza socks. Remember I wanted to make the Happy Sox but I could not get the gauge? So I switched to the Wavy Rib Socks. If you are wondering how a wavy rib should look like, click here, but mine looked like this:

Wavy Rib Sock

Horrible, no stitch definition at all. But that was the second time around. The first time I casted on #4 - I swear I swatched! - but the sock was huge, so I went down two needle sizes just to discover that it was not the right yarn for the pattern.

I was pretty much desperate when I remember reading this: Broadripple Socks! Whose original pattern does call for Cascade Fixation.

I casted as fast as I could and ......

Broadripple Sock

I love it! I love it! I love it!


  1. Your Broadripple socks looks great! I can't wait to do the Broadripple sock!

    Thanks for the kind words at my blog. I'm hoping the footies will turn out to be wearable.

    How are you liking the fixation? I'm enjoying it but find myself pulling the yarn tighter than normal.

  2. I'm also doing the broadripple socks for my sock pal and they seem huge to me, but my gauge was right on (I'm using Sockittome on US3 needles)
    If the socks were for me I wouldnt care so much LOL
    Anyway...nice job!

  3. Hey, it is interesting... it seems to me everybody has problems with the sockapalooza socks. i'm now knitting the 5th version! I found the perfect yarn but every pattern i tried i didn't like...
    Greetings from Germany!

  4. I love the broadripple sock - it is so cute and the color is awesome! Your sockpal will love them.


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