Monday, February 28, 2005

Forget the Oscars, the new MagKnits is here!

Forget the Oscars, the new MagKnits is here with Alison on the font page! - she looks absolutely gorgeous and her creation is to die for.

Check out Made with love layette and Made with love layette sweater by Emma Crew of Made With Love by a Liberal. I have their labels (sent to me free of charge) and I am so going to make several of these - I am already shopping for yarn in another window.

The Short Row Rib by Ceris Morgan is made with one of my favorite yarn company, Mal Abrigo yarn, in bulky merino - good thing since all the worsted weight is gone after the this on Knitter's Review.


  1. Thank you, thank you. :) And thanks to the link for the Made with Love... page. I gotta get me some of those labels!

  2. Ooooo.... I must go check it out! I forgot!! Bad me!


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