Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Back from the post office

Boy, am I chatty today or what? This is my third, fourth post?

Anyway, I went to the post office to send stuff out and I am always in a good mood when I do that. I mailed 7 packages:

package #1, sorry, cannot say, it's a Fiber RAOK and I do not want to ruin the surprise.

package #2, a big box of clothes for the Wakanyeja Tiospaye O'Tipi - Children's Village, Inc. in Pine Ridge; I mean to include this (the pic is horrible, the cardi is quite nice but huge), but then I noticed this and I thought "Why don't I try? This yarn is great". So the huge cardi did not go into the box, but a Eddie Bauer twin set that it was borderline "I never wear it" did - to soothe my guilt.

package #3, cannot say, it's the super secret SP4!

package #4, cannot say, it's secret, even if the friend I sent this to never reads my blog, but let's not tempt the gods.

package #5, finally the poncho is going to find a good home in Russia.

package #6, another RAOK

package #7, to Pine Ridge as well, to the girl I sponsor there; I am sending her my first hat and some more things.

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