Monday, January 31, 2005

Notice few more buttons?

Well, since today I was supposed to cast for Mariah and I haven't finished my Ribby Cardi yet, I have decided to join two more knit-alongs. I could not resist Marnie's Peace is Patriotic and Phoebe is the only capelet I have ever seen that I can actually envision myself in.
So I have two more things on my list, why stop at 25?

I have no clue of what I could make in yellow and blue for PIP, but I did ordered my Interweave subscription today, so I am set for Phoebe. Wait, what about yarn?


  1. Hey -- I'm hosting a Phoebe-along! Come join! (please? I'm the only one so far... any interest would be so much appreciated!:) here:

    It'll be fun.... Jenifer

  2. yes! your knit-along is what made me want make Phoebe and I did try to contact you on your website - I gather did not work?

    I AM coming over ......


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