Monday, December 13, 2004

New yarn shop and my quest for a circular needles project.

I found this new (to me) online shop, Little Knits, that has Cascade 220 at a very good price. Really tempted to but the yarn for Mariah already, but they do not have a lot of inventory. I do need two skeins for Marc too.

As for my circular needles issue, yesterday night I read the bit about circular needles on Stitch 'n Bitch and so I realized what an idiot I was thinking of knitting a small project on 31.5 inches long circular needles. On the other side, I realized that the fastest and easier project I can do is a hat like this, or it is called cap in English? So I'll just buy the 16" #10.5/6.5mm circular needles and I'll let you know.

And on the subject of different knitting styles, I was at a friend of mine last night, a fairly new knitter. She is knitting a scarf using a pair of 10" needles with the right needle under her right arm - so funny to watch and so uncomfortable. So I told her that I think that with such short needles, the Continental style is better and I showed her. I showed her! There, I was knitting holding the yarn with my left hand, like I have been doing it all my life. I am really amazed at myself!

Finally, I thought I needed to put Valerie on hold because I am at the point I need the pink yarn (and start the Ribby Cardi), but just this morning the Cascade 220 in pink arrived. Cannot wait to go home to knit!

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