Sunday, December 12, 2004

Found it!

What did I find? The pattern I am going to use to make another poncho, since the one that was intended for a 18 months girl actually fits a 3 years old.
I saw a long time ago the Easy Baby Poncho by SskeinS, and I loved it. But I could not figure out what dimension to use for a 18 months old. Then today I came accross this Poncho to fit Anyone and voila' (I am quoting):
"Size 1 Toddler - you want your panels each to be 12 inches wide by 21 inches long
Size 2 - 4 you want your panels each to be 13 inches wide by 22 inches long."
So I guess I'll do 12.5 inches wide for 21.5 inches long.
Now the yarn ....... Sskeins used 100 gr of Gedifra Serano (218 yds) to make 2 5.33x16 panels. I think I need 3 times the yardage for my poncho, so it is 654 yards (300 m).
I just won these two lots of Noro Kureyon on eBay:

Noro Kuryon #92 Noro Kuryon #126

seller: donnaknitting747

and I am thinking about using the #131 for the poncho.

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