Wednesday, December 22, 2004

The hat

This is going to be a silly post in which a babble a lot about a hat. Why? It's so cute!

my first hat

Well, maybe not, but it is the first hat I ever made, so let's have another photo:

my first hat

As I wrote before, I am stuck because the needles are too long now. I ended up ordering a set of double point needles #9 (and the long circular needles for
Valerie border and some Daletta - I needed $25 worth of stuff to get free shipping, that always gets me!) from Herrschners.

A very kind anonymous pointed me to
this, so it seems that as soon as I have my Denise (Santa, I do hope you got that right!), I should be home free.

My friend with toddler and baby-to-be is coming to visit, so the
blanket is going on the needles tonight.

Back to the hat, isn't it cute?

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  1. Yes, it IS cute. I've found since I started making hats that I have short circs and dpns in every size now (which isn't a bad thing). But I hope your Denises work well for you.


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