Friday, December 24, 2004

childHood progress

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I am done with the back and the fronts - I am going to sew them up and then start the sleeves. I completely forgot how fun it is to knit for an infant - few hours and you are done!

While I was knittng this, the friend I taught how to knit to on Sunday stopped by to collect her daughter and ask few questions and I noticed that she completely out-chic-ed me! She had the most cute wicked market basket to carry her knitting around. I have my projects in three round wicked basket that are someplace around the house, but when I go out I use these big not fashionable at all big tote, one a free gift from Lancome, the other from Ultima II. They are very handy because waterproof and nothing can stain them - good things when knitting on the grass while pretending to follow your kid's soccer game - but I can do better! Most of all, better than a "I learned to knit last Sunday" gal. So I making myself a French Market Bag!
Well, not right now, I am not that bad a case of knitting ADD, but soon.

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  1. i just love that cardi pattern. you picked great colors. can't wait to see it.


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