Saturday, April 07, 2012

Saved by Knitting

I knit because I like it, not much for the finished products. Right, for example, I am making a pink baby blanket even if I know nobody who is having a baby girl. I just had some yarn in my stash that I thought would make a very nice light baby blanket. Did I mention that I am making it in fingering weight? It will take me forever.

But since I have gone back to work full time in an office where I am supposed to look professional and put together everyday including Friday, I have a new appreciation for my large drawer of shawls and lacy scarves:

Shawl Drawer

After five years as stay-at-home-parent who was never home but running around volunteering for everything and everybody and the previous five years working for a company where the dress code was something along the line of jeans and t-shirt, I owe three dressy pants (one of which I bought for the interview) and a hastily put together colletions of black, grey, and white (one!) blouses that lasts me exactly from Monday to Friday when I get to do my laundry. But, wearing everyday one different shawl or scarf, nobody notice that I do wear the same outfit oever and over again.

After, would you look at anything else but this?

Raspberry Gaenor
Raspberry Gaenor

or this?
  Plum Shawlette
Plum Shawlette

Yes, I know, I could go shopping, but this working thing it is time consuming! Oh, wait, I did, in February, at Stitches West:

Stitches West 2012

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  1. hello!

    my name is josie77, i tried and succeed to knit your famous december shawl and liked it very much, thank you! would you allow me to give you a version translated in french? i think it might help french knitter to try it. regards


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