Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Naked Stix 2006?

Thing is, I never follow a plan. See my list here? That is my plan, so of course I am knitting stuff that never was on the list. And this Naked Stix 2006 - as soon as I joined I jumped to the opportunity to knit something else. Hollis of Full Thread Ahead asked Amy and me if we would do a last second knitted gifts workshop these next two Sundays. That meant, forget my list, I need to knit samples, so of course I said yes. If you are around, stop by to see what we are up to.

But I have been good and I finished my first wristwarmer for the Peaceful Hands Knit-along:

Branching Out Wristwarmer

It is clear from the photo that I need a remedial photography class, or maybe longer arms. I swear that in real life it looks much better, and I even blocked it so I don't know where all the bagginess comes from. Me arching my hand? I told you, need longer arms.

Now I should knit the second one, should I?